About Chad

Do I write these things in the third person? Is that how this works?


Chad is a floundering 20-something trying to find God’s purpose for his life. Sometimes he gets it right, most times he gets it wrong. Every day he tries a little bit harder to seek out the path God desires for him and on this blog he shares some of his thoughts and important moments during his journey.

He graduated from a public high school located in Amish country, aka Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and went on to study Music Composition at Houghton College for two years. At the end of his sophomore year, he was forced–sorry, strongly encouraged–to take a year off of school to own up to past mistakes, mend his relationship with the Lord, and prayerfully seek the next steps God has for him.

Currently, he is working as a host at Cracker Barrel (but hopes to be a server before long) and spending his free time co-directing his church’s kids’ Christmas musical, composing music, trying to write a novel, and practicing cello. He also has two parents and three younger siblings who demand his attention from time to time. Not to mention the ever-playful and ever-in-the-way Yorkshire terrier that lives with the family as well.

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Listen to Chad’s music on SoundCloud here.

Read Chad’s nonsense poetry blog here.

Watch the video that never ceases to make Chad crack up here.

And finally, this is Chad’s favorite joke:

Why is a cigarette like a hamster?

Both are perfectly harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire.


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