Toot Sweets

I bought a car.

I lost two siblings.

I found a job.

College starts without me.

I have now sufficiently proven to myself that I am able to provide an update on my life in only a few four word sentences. Might as well end the post here.

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A Chinese Birthday Cake

I don’t know about you, but when I turned twenty I felt the hand of God descend upon me and my entire life’s direction was revealed unto me.

If only.

Actually, the most important thing that happened on the day I turned twenty was that my mom could no longer complain to other people that she had four teenagers. It had been getting really old to be lumped in with a fifteen, fourteen, and thirteen year old.

The second most important thing that happened was that my family spontaneously decided to sing Happy Birthday to me in the Chinese restaurant we were eating at and our waitress was all like “Oh, we have birthday cake in the back” and she gave me a huge free piece of cake.

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Canon in D

On Saturday, July 5th 2014, my cousin got married. She was the first cousin of mine to get hitched, thus having the honorary role of being the turning point of familial change. Aka, my family is getting older.

It was a beautiful wedding. Her sister and I played music for it, and I was honored to have arranged Canon in D as well as have written an original piece of music for Carmen (the now-married cousin) to walk down the aisle to. It was an outdoor wedding and I jokingly said to Carmen, “God must be smiling on your marriage” because the weather was literally perfect.

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