Toot Sweets

I bought a car.

I lost two siblings.

I found a job.

College starts without me.

I have now sufficiently proven to myself that I am able to provide an update on my life in only a few four word sentences. Might as well end the post here.

Or not. I enjoy words too much. And you deserve a more thorough update.

So, item one: I bought a car. Well, technically, my dad bought a car, but I’ll be paying him monthly payments to pay it off. Cause it’s mine. It’s a yellow 2004 Mazda 3 hatchback and despite its used status, I love it. It’s my first car under my name that I’m entirely responsible for. Chad takes another step into the mystical world of adulthood.

Item two: I lost two siblings. My foster siblings, Elvin and Elizabeth, went back to live with their mom and other siblings in the beginning of August. It was harder on the rest of my family than it was on me since they had been around the two of them more (they came to our family last September, while I was still in school). The whole situation is tough though–they were two amazing kids and their presence will be missed in our home. But we made some fantastic memories and my parting gift to them was a movie I made in which everyone shared their favorite memories. I sincerely hope and pray that they are doing well.

Item three: I found a job. It’s great being in a spot where you let God direct your every move because He always provides! Since I’m taking a year off of school and working at an outdoor pool during the winter isn’t exactly a thing, I needed a job for the non-summer months. I began applying to be a server at various restaurants. Only one got back to me. When God makes it so clear that there’s only one door to walk through, you don’t ignore it. You would through that door. So now I have a job that promises lots of hours, chances for a raise, and a good environment. I’m excited to get started at Cracker Barrel.

Item four: college starts without me. Okay, so I anticipated getting a little depressed about this. My friends are heading back to school, I’m not, sad day. But I’m actually really excited about staying home. Maybe it’s the fact that I have a job now. Maybe it’s the various opportunities I’ll have at my church. And I’m even excited for my friends that are going back–I can’t wait to hear all about their year. I think the biggest reason for my joy though is that I’m right where God wants me. And how can I be dissatisfied with that?

This year I’ll be home for my family, I’ll grow in my faith, I’ll get more involved in my church. And I might even participate in a play or two 🙂

Toot Sweets from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang suddenly popped into my head. I have no idea why. I’ll blame it on the fact that I haven’t eaten sweets for a month now. Speaking of which, I can’t wait till the No Sweets No Seconds Challenege my sisters and I are doing ends so I can tear into that big bag of Swedish Fish I got for my birthday.



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