It’s a Strange Place

This post isn’t cohesive. It’s not going to have an emphatic concluding point. It’s not so much an update as it is a collection of thoughts. I’ve ended up in a strange place and I’m just going to leave it. Continue reading “It’s a Strange Place”

3 Reasons I’m a Dirty, Rotten Liar

First reason is that I’m a sinner. Thought I’d get the real obvious one out of the way first. I’m a sinner, I fall waaaaay short of God’s holy standards, I’m in need of grace, lying is but one fatal sin among many. Praise God for the person of Jesus Christ. But moving on to reasons 2 and 3…

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Today, I Feel Popular

Today, I drove five hours, 30 minutes of which was spent attempting to drive with my knees while eating a Sheetz sandwich. Thankfully, the highway was mostly empty. Today, I arrived at Houghton College to spend a week visiting friends and playing music. Today, I’ve been hugged and encouraged by many of my friends whom I haven’t seen for awhile.┬áToday, I feel popular.

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