Today, I Feel Popular

Today, I drove five hours, 30 minutes of which was spent attempting to drive with my knees while eating a Sheetz sandwich. Thankfully, the highway was mostly empty. Today, I arrived at Houghton College to spend a week visiting friends and playing music. Today, I’ve been hugged and encouraged by many of my friends whom I haven’t seen for awhile. Today, I feel popular.

So I’m spending a week visiting Houghton College, where I had spent the last two years of my life and a large portion of my money. Already, it’s been fantastic seeing friends. But I really didn’t expect how much I’ve missed playing with other talented musicians. If there’s one thing I’ve learned already from this trip, it’s that I seriously need to get involved in something at home, some kind of chamber orchestra or whatever. I love it.

Literally, I arrived on campus and within two hours I was rehearsing a piece with another musician. I mean, I am playing in a recital tomorrow night. And a recital Monday night. And the orchestra concert next Tuesday night. I couldn’t resist getting involved in as many things as I could while I’m here. I tried to worm my way into the jazz concert Saturday night, but alas–that one didn’t work out.

So I’ve realized I’ve been sorely musically depraved at home. Sure, playing on a worship team is great, but it’s nothing compared to sight-reading a Beethoven trio with two other really talented musicians. After you’ve already practiced this really great Turina trio that sounds amazing. I need to curb in the music nerd, but seriously–I’ve missed this.

What I don’t miss is the stress and pressure though. I’ve been here a day, and though I’m only involved in a few things, I sense the creeping feelings of overwhelmingness and stress in planning my time here with everything I have to do. And I see it weighing heavily on a lot of my friends. Should I decide to return to school anywhere, I am definitely making it a priority to structure my time well and never overcommit myself. I don’t need to run myself into the ground. Plus, stress never helps my spiritual walk.

So as I’m here, I would ask that you pray for me. Pray as I talk to friends, pray as I perform in concerts, pray as I prayerfully seek God’s direction for me and Houghton.




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