Harvest U 2014 Day 5: Fervent Prayer and Final Parting

Harvest University has ended. What a ride it has been. Today’s final elective was by far my favorite elective thus far and Pastor James MacDonald’s final session was a challenge and encouragement. I am leaving this conference refreshed and with a renewed passion for my great God. Not only that, but God has answered prayer: I have direction.Before we get to the direction thing, I want to talk about some amazing bits of wisdom Al Blake (the senior pastor of Harvest St. Vincent) share about prayer today. Pastor Al led a session about fervency in prayer.

Honest interjection–I’m currently in one of the other team apartments and I’m too lazy to run to my room to get my notes, so I’m gonna just go from memory here.

So Pastor Al gave some really practical insights about prayer and then he made some statements about the power of prayer that really pressed heavy on me. One such statement was that we can’t possibly believe in the power of prayer without praying. It sounds simple, yes, but I often struggle with believing that my prayers are really powerful and confidently believing that they will be answered and I’ve often wondered how to fix that. The answer was a “duh” moment for me but also new–if you understand what I mean by that. It was a challenge to me to pray much more often so that I can reach that point of strongly believing in the power of my prayers.

Some practical insights Pastor Al shared:

1. Pray with your Bible open. This brings focus.

2. Pray on your knees. This brings humility.

3. Pray out loud. This brings concentration.

There were two more but I can’t remember them. The session was really good and I’m definitely going to put Pastor Al’s insights into practice. Ask me about it sometime. Once I’ve rested and reviewed everything.

Okay, I’m losing focus here. Sorry. God has answered prayer and shown up in big ways. I think He has given me a direction to pursue for my life, but I’m not going to share it here until I’ve prayed about it more and I feel that God is leading me and not just my own ambitions and desires.

God is great and I am His servant.



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