Harvest U 2014 Day 4: Pretzels and People

Every night, I’m finding myself more and more unable to articulate the experiences of the day. Perhaps it’s the culmination of late nights and early mornings, perhaps it’s the massive amount of teaching I’m receiving, perhaps it’s the overwhelming greatness of God, or perhaps it’s the combination of all three and some.In fact, I’m finding myself so unable to cohesively think of a good post, that I’m going to keep it to simple sentences about today and then call it a night. Forgive me.

This morning I was privileged to be a part of one of the most exciting and awesome (and I use the word with an emphasis on awe) worship services I’ve ever participated in. Christ is alive!

The sessions were both encouraging and practical. I appreciate all I’m learning about the worship ministry.

The main session consisted of “Ted Talks” from 8 of the senior pastors. Pastor Jamie was one of the ones who spoke and at the end of his talk, we handed out Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels to the crowd. (Also, earlier in the session some guy got hit in the head with a hard cover book that was thrown to him and he was bleeding. It was exciting.)

Pastor Jamie had us each share our biggest takeaway from the trip. It was an encouraging time to hear everyone share.

I got a backstage tour of the facility and walked up in the catwalk. Cool.

I met and talked with various worship leaders/people throughout the evening. So I am stepping out and talking to people, as well as letting people I know introduce me to other people.

I’ve loved talking to and getting to know various people in my church and outside my church. Tomorrow it all wraps up.




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