Harvest U 2014 Day 5: Fervent Prayer and Final Parting

Harvest University has ended. What a ride it has been. Today’s final elective was by far my favorite elective thus far and Pastor James MacDonald’s final session was a challenge and encouragement. I am leaving this conference refreshed and with a renewed passion for my great God. Not only that, but God has answered prayer: I have direction. Continue reading “Harvest U 2014 Day 5: Fervent Prayer and Final Parting”

Harvest U 2014 Day 4: Pretzels and People

Every night, I’m finding myself more and more unable to articulate the experiences of the day. Perhaps it’s the culmination of late nights and early mornings, perhaps it’s the massive amount of teaching I’m receiving, perhaps it’s the overwhelming greatness of God, or perhaps it’s the combination of all three and some. Continue reading “Harvest U 2014 Day 4: Pretzels and People”

Harvest U 2014 Day 1: Chocolate Cake Shake

Today began with a terrifyingly loud alarm at 4:30am. Today continued in a van full of conversation that often went over my head. Today ended with a discussion about the finer points of Cars, Planes, and How To Train Your Dragon with a pastor’s two kids. Today a team from my church, Harvest Bible Chapel Lancaster, drove twelve hours to Chicago in order to participate in Harvest University, which kicks off tomorrow evening. Continue reading “Harvest U 2014 Day 1: Chocolate Cake Shake”

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