Harvest U 2014 Day 2: Kick-Off

At 2:30am this morning, I was rudely awakened by the ear-splitting beeping of the smoke alarm in our apartment. In addition to the high-pitched beeping was an automated voice proclaiming “Fire, fire.” So naturally, I kept my eyes closed, assumed someone else would take care of the problem, and went back to sleep.Later that morning, at a more reasonable waking hour, I learned that one of the other guys in our apartment was cooking bacon (at 2:30am) and set off the smoke detector. Twice. Quite the memorable start to our stay here in Chicago.

Our group visited Harvest Naperville this morning to check out their facility and attend the service. It was incredible seeing how God has blessed that church with a phenomenal facility and how they are using it to further God’s kingdom and minister to His people.

I think what I’ve enjoyed most about this trip so far are the conversations and getting to spend time with people that I don’t normally spend time with. I’m determined to be more bold in my interactions with others, and that can start now–I don’t need to wait for a stranger, I have people I barely know right in my own group of Harvest Lancaster-ians.

Tonight was the kick-off of Harvest University, and the kick-off itself was about an hour long worship and prayer event. It was amazing. Being part of a worship service full of people authentically praising the Lord is always so encouraging. I was also overwhelmed with how often throughout the kick-off people prayed about or talked about Harvest University providing direction for those seeking God’s will for them. It felt like God was speaking directly to me, saying, “Don’t worry, I hear your prayers, just like I hear these people’s prayers–I’m gonna do great things, just you wait and see.”

Today’s theme has been a reminder of God’s ability to go above and beyond our expectations. He can provide a church facility above and beyond one congregation’s expectation of what they need. He can hold a family steadfast and firm through trials while they praise His name, then deliver them with blessings in abundance. He can take one young man’s prayers for guidance and flood him with a sense of purpose and direction.

I’m confident of this. Already wheels are turning in my head, half-formed ideas are floating around, I’m offering excited prayers to God for confirmation.

I can’t wait for what tomorrow holds.



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  1. Aaaaaah I am so excited for you, and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back 🙂

    Also, shouldn’t your first response to a fire alarm be “Let’s make sure the building isn’t burning down”?


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