Harvest U 2014 Day 3: Christ In Me

I am overwhelmed and at a loss for words because of the greatness of my God. How He speaks to me. How He knows me. How He has already won. How He is always with me. How He is in control of my life.I’m absolutely floored how every session today seemed to be God speaking directly to me. Words spoken by men, inspired by the Holy Spirit, drawn straight out of the living Word of God, that address my current life situation–the struggles I’m facing, the trials I’m going through…God is using Harvest University to confront me, convict me, and convince me in ways I didn’t anticipate. And I praise His name because of it.

I’m still processing it all, but there were so many huge take-aways for me today. One of the biggest being how much more I need to be earnestly seeking God. I long to live for God and God alone, to lift His name and His name alone, and not to be distracted by thoughts of myself and thoughts of others. I am a selfish person; my thoughts are so often turned inward or outward instead of upward.

God revealed a significant flaw in my thoughts concerning Harvest U. I had been thinking of Harvest U as an opportunity for God to do something big for me. This was God’s chance to drop some real direction and guidance into my life, to fulfill my need for purpose. I came expecting God to do what I wanted God to do for me, instead of coming to give myself to God. Harvest U isn’t an opportunity for God to do something big for me, but for God to do something big in me. But a one-time leadership conference shouldn’t be the only time that is happening. I need to be earnestly seeking God in order for Him to work in me before He can ever work through me.

God needs to have my heart before He can have my talents, my offerings, my ministry, whatever they may be.

Andi Rozier spoke a lot of good words today during one of the sessions I attended, and one of the most significant take-aways I had from it was this: input should exceed output. Simply stated, I need to be filled with God, His Word, His Spirit, before I can overflow. I’ve been seeking God’s will for the next steps in my life, but am I spending the time to get to know God? How am I to know God’s will for me if I am not constantly seeking to know more about who God is? Furthermore, if I want my life to be a testimony to God’s greatness and a witness to further His kingdom (which I do!), how can I expect it to be that if I’m not fueling my heart and mind and spirit with the Word of God?

God has been revealing this and much more to me. I am beyond blessed to be able to be here. Praise to He Who Is Greater Still.



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