Snowflake County and College

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted. I even made a video on my way back from Houghton (yes, while driving) to post as an update on my time at Houghton, but I never got around to editing it…which is a real shame, cause it involved my adventure getting coffee, singing obnoxiously, and almost driving off the highway. And that was ages ago. Sorry for the delay. Life has been cray.

So, Houghton. I had a great time visiting friends, playing music, and having some really awesome conversations. I had missed that place and it felt great being back in the hustle and bustle of college life–with all the recitals and concerts I played in, it almost felt like I hadn’t even left! It was a time of encouragement and restfulness for me; it was a perfect boost to get me through the rest of the fall/beginning of winter.

Coming back home, it was getting closer and closer to the performance of The Secret of Snowflake County, the kid’s Christmas musical I was directing at my church. It was an amazing experience, although slightly stressful at times. God did a great work though, and this past Sunday, December 14th, the K-5th graders of Harvest Bible Chapel Lancaster put on a fantastic performance! It was a growing experience for me, teaching me to trust more in God and also helping me to develop practical skills in managing people and resources. Though it was a rewarding experience, I’m thankful that it has come to a close.

Christmas is a week away. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. I was hoping to make a decision about next year by the end of this year, but I’m not so sure if that’ll happen. There’s a lot of things up in the air right now, but I might as well fill you in on the steps I’ve been taking so far. Essentially, I’ve just been taking steps in as many directions as God seems to lead, waiting to see what doors will open and what doors will close.

I’ve re-applied to Houghton and have been re-accepted (surprise, surprise). It’s looking like I could return to Houghton with little to no change in my financial aid package. I’ve yet to make a decision though, which has cost me living in a townhouse with some really awesome guys. They needed to know if I was coming back for certain in order to lock in the townhouse. So, knowing that I won’t be able to live with those guys does have some weight in my decision to return. There’s also the whole thing with a solid church and a mentor figure. Being home has really convinced me of my need to be in a solid, Bible-teaching, unashamed-of-the-Truth church and to have a mentor who can encourage me and build me up through my struggles. Going anywhere away from home would create the need for me to find those two things.

Other steps I’ve been taking–I’ve applied to Southeastern University. It’s in Florida. Positive: WEATHER. Negative: SO FAR. But another positive is that it’s not far from Harvest Bible Chapel Orlando. So there would be a church I could attend that I know would have solid Biblical teaching. I actually heard the HBC Orlando pastor speak when I was at Harvest University. He was wearing a chicken suit at the time. Seems legit.

And finally, I’m talking with my cello teacher, who is the cello professor at Millersville University (a local college), about applying there as well. So it’s pretty much senior year of high school all over again–applying to colleges and having to make big decisions. What is my life. Benefit to staying home would be having the church and mentor right here. There would be the problem of living at home (which I enjoy to an extent, and I’m not sure how much longer I really want to be living at home), but my grandparents live really close to MU, so I could live with them.

There are my three options. As of now. Who knows where God will lead me next? I’m just walking, praying for God’s direction, and eagerly anticipating the next big thing God has in store.



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