How To Get Hired in Under 6 Hours

Using a real-life situation as a guide, I’ve devised a seven-step plan to getting hired in under 6 hours! If you follow these steps exactly, you are sure to land the job you’re seeking–or perhaps not seeking!

Step One: Plan to eat breakfast at a local cafe with a friend. You’ve eaten there once before and the breakfast food was delicious. Time to try something different off the menu and enjoy the small cafe cozy atmosphere once again.

Step Two: While at cafe, talk to friend about current job, express need to probably find a second job. Remark on how it might be nice to work at the cafe you’re eating in.

Step Three: Approach waitress before leaving and ask for an application. You know, just to put on your desk at home, think about it for a week, and probably forget about it.

Step Four: Receive application from owner and engage in conversation. Fill out application while still in cafe at owner’s prompting. Be told to come back in five hours to meet with owner and his wife.

Step Five: Go about the next five hours normally. Return to cafe after the five hours is up.

Step Six: Engage in casual conversation about your life with the cafe owners–your past, your current state of being, and your aspirations. Enthuse about various future opportunities.

Step Seven: Be told that you will be contacted later after the owners confer. While you are halfway out of the door, be called back in and told that they’ve conferred and you are hired. Congratulations!

That’s right, I have another job now. Last Monday, the above happened to me at a little cafe called Gracie’s. It happened quite quickly, but I am incredibly grateful to have a job as a server there. The owners are fantastic and the food is delicious–not to mention hopes of musical opportunities in the form of open-mic nights. God is good. I’ll start training there this coming week and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the owners better and meeting other employees.

Also, next Saturday is when I leave for Harvest University! I can’t wait. I’m constantly praying that God would provide some direction and guidance during that trip. I’m also looking forward to strengthening some friendships with the other people in my church that are going. It’s a long drive to Chicago–there will be plenty of opportunity for fellowship and bonding!

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    1. Ahh, right. I forgot to include that little prerequisite before the steps: “Must be dashingly handsome and have awe-inspiring good looks for the following steps to work properly.” Thanks for the reminder.


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